So what is a GLNumber? In the Telecom world it is known as a DID. Direct Inward Dialing to be exact. A GLNumber acts as a virtual line that can be used to direct a phone call anywhere on the planet. The uses of this feature are infinite! GLTalk offers you the ability to personalize and tailor a virtual phone line in ways that benefit you and all your loved ones.
A GLNumber acts as a virtual line that can be used to direct a phone call anywhere on the planet.
With this innovative and creative feature on the GLTalk calling application you can give your contacts a way to call, connect, and chat with you no matter where in the world they may be located. They can do this without incurring any long distance charges. You can purchase and set up a GLNumber that is local to a specific city/region and have all calls placed to it forwarded directly to you via the GLTalk internet calling app. This gives you the power to create a free and local calling method for all your family, friends, and contacts internationally to reach you.
Talk to family and friends
Do you have family and friends who live internationally? Let’s say your mom is overseas living in Hong Kong. Why not purchase a local Hong Kong GLNumber and have her call it whenever she wants to reach you? This local call for her will be forwarded directly to you no matter where you are in the world through the power of Wi-Fi and internet. As long as you’re on Wi-Fi or have internet access you can talk for free!

Let’s say you have an upcoming trip and need a reliable, cost effective, and convenient way of keeping in touch with all your contacts back home. You can purchase either a local or toll free GLNumber before you leave and give it out to all your friends, family, and coworkers to be able to reach you during your time away. It will not cost them anything to call you and not only can you stay in the loop with everything back home but you can do it without incurring pricey and unpredictable roaming charges with your telephone provider.
Using GLTalk’s GLNumber feature harnessing the power of the internet allows you communicative freedom with reliability, quality, and full control. You choose how you stay in touch with everyone who matters.
Select Country, Province/State and City from dropdown menu below to search for available GLNumbers.
To purchase a GLNumber, please click on Download GLTalk. Once you have downloaded the app & registered, click on More button from the app and follow the steps to purchase a GLNumber.
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Your GLNumber is subject to a monthly subscription fee. The first month's subscription must be paid in advance. Thereafter monthly subscriptions will be charged automatically. Subscriptions may be deactivated through the GLNumber deactivation process prior to the beginning of the next billing cycle; deactivations cannot be accepted for billing cycles that have already begun. Once a GLNumber subscription has been deactivated, the number assigned to your account will be removed and cannot be recovered again.

†† GLNumbers are for voice services ONLY! SMS From / To GLNumber is NOT supported at this time.

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