You can easily download the GLTalk App Here or by going to your phone’s applications store.

For Android, search for GLTalk in the Google Play Store app and tap Install.
For iPhone, search for GLTalk in the App Store app and tap Get.
You can easily update GLTalk from your phone's applications store.
For Android, search for GLTalk in the Play Store(TM) app and tap Update.
For iPhone, search for GLTalk in the App Store app and tap Update.
We encourage you to always use the latest available version of GLTalk. Latest versions contain the newest features and bug fixes.
Upon the successful installation of the GLTalk App you will be prompted to verify your App. You will receive an SMS/text message to your mobile number containing a 6-digit verification code to enter into GLTalk. Once the correct verification code is entered your GLTalk App will be verified and ready to use on the mobile number of the device. If your verification code is not accepted, you may request the app to send a new code by pressing the “send new code” button.
Once you have downloaded the GLTalk App on your phone, tap on the app icon to open GLTalk. Once GLTalk is opened for the first time (after installation) on your phone, you will need to complete a verification process. After the verification process is successfully completed, your GLTalk app will be registered to your mobile number.
In order to purchase a calling plan, minutes, and GLNumber, you will need to fill out your profile information. Visit the last tab on the GLTalk calling app labelled “more”. Tap on “Profile” to open the profile options. Here you can update your profile, payment information and billing address. In the profile information section, you will be able to see your name, email, and set your website password. You can also check the mobile number that has been registered, your account ID, and any registered GLNumbers. For Android users, in the payment information section, you will be able to add your credit card info that will be used to top-up your account. iOS users do not require payment information on the app as all purchases are processed through iTunes.

Please take the time to complete your profile by visiting each section and entering your information in the fields provided. To save your information make sure you tap on submit.
Absolutely! If you have a mobile phone that does not have a SIM card, or want to call-enable your iPad or tablet, you can register the GLTalk App and purchase a GLNumber. You can choose from a variety of numbers from our local number directory. You can now receive unlimited incoming calls – this means peer to peer (between GLTalk users), landline or mobile calls. It also makes your communication with the country of your choice easier and more affordable. Using the GLNumber feature harnesses the power of the internet and allows you to communicate freely with reliability, quality, and full control.

To register simply click on the Register tab in the top menu of the GLTalk website and follow the steps to complete your registration and purchase of a GLNumber.
For Android, go the last tab on the GLTalk app labelled “more”. Tap on “Plans”, you will see all the available plan options. Choose the plan that you are interested in and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your check-out process.

For iOS, from your keypad click on settings in the top right corner. Select "Top Up" and choose from one of the available options to complete your check-out process.
In the "More" section of your GLTalk app, click on the Fund Transfer icon, enter the amount you wish to transfer and the mobile number of the person you wish to transfer to, then click on verify. Be sure to select the correct country prefix for the mobile number you are transferring to. If the number is correct, you will see the name and number of the contact with a success verification message. Then click the transfer button and the funds will be sent.
Upon installation of GLTalk, your phone’s contacts will be automatically synced for you (Please make sure you allow GLTalk to access your phonebook). Once your contacts are listed inside the GLTalk app, you can start making calls. Your GLTalk contacts will display a small GLTalk icon beside them if they are already a GLTalk user. You will be able to call and message these contacts for free. For all other contacts, you will require a calling plan to make calls.
From your GLTalk App dial *98 and follow the prompts.
Be sure to press 2 at the end to activate your voicemail greeting and set up changes.
Visit the last tab on the GLTalk calling app labelled “more”. Tap on “voicemail” to open the voicemail options. On this screen, you can choose how your voicemail will be delivered to you. You can choose to forward, notify & copy to your email address. Once you have chosen the format you wish to have, please enter your valid email address and tap on “Submit”.
After completing the verification process, the GLTalk app is ready to use. You can instantly make calls to other GLTalk users for free. You can also send messages to other GLTalk users. If you want to make a call to a non-GLTalk number, you will have to purchase one of the calling plans in the “more” section of the app. Operator data charges may apply. Check with your service provider.
With the GLTalk internet calling app you have the ability to record all of your phone conversations. You can do this by simply clicking the red record button on the dialer while on a call. If you choose to record a conversation, once enabled this feature will play a tone every 15 seconds during the call to notify both parties that the call is being recorded. You can also visit the call recording menu in the preferences section under settings to enable call recording for all calls placed with GLTalk.

In order to retrieve and listen to all your recorded calls you can go to the call history section (the first tab in the app) and select the call history entry of the call you recorded. Here you can play back the recorded conversation, delete, and share. Any and all calls that have been recorded will show up in your call history section with a recorded call symbol.
You can place video calls by pressing the video camera icon on the phone dialer when placing your calls. Once you have dialed a destination number the dialer pad will display this icon which can be selected to enable video calling.
Open GLTalk and go on the 4th tab to access the messaging section. Select the pencil icon in the top right corner and once there, you can tap on the “+” sign to start a messaging conversation with one of your contacts. The messaging feature is available exclusively for GLTalk users. You can also send the same message to multiple contacts at the same time.
When GLTalk is downloaded on your mobile device, your phone contacts will be automatically synced into your GLTalk app. Make sure you allow GLTalk to have access to your phone’s contact list. If you see a GLTalk icon beside your contact’s name, this means that they have also installed GLTalk on their phone; allowing you to recognize all the GLTalk users you can chat with for free.
If a contact is not being recognized by GLTalk, you will need to store the contact information in the international telephone numbering format (E.164). This allows phone calls and messages to be correctly routed to the individual phones in different countries.

E.164 numbers are formatted [+] [country code] [phone number including area code]

E.164 Format Country Code Country Phone Number
+14155552671 1 USA/Canada 4155552671
+442072153150 44 United Kingdom 2072153150
Visit the Plans and Rates section or the “more” section of the app to have access to our rate checker feature. With this simple rate checker, you can get the latest calling rates to all international destinations. Choose your country of interest from the drop-down list and see what rates are offered for which region.
You can purchase a GLNumber through GLTalk and have all calls placed to that line forwarded to you via the app. This feature has an array of exciting possibilities, click here for more information on the GLNumber feature and its benefits.

Once you have purchased your GLNumber through the GLTalk internet calling voice app, you can view it at any time in the Profile section under Profile Information. If your contacts cannot reach you via your GLNumber you can request technical assistance through our customer service department either via Email, Phone, or Live Chat.
Once you have placed a call to a destination number you can then press join to select the next person/contact that you want to add to the conference. Your current called party will be placed on hold and will hear music while waiting for your return. Once your second called party has answered you can then tap join on the dialer in order to merge all the calls together.
Click on More. Click on Profile. Enter your Name & Web Password and Click Update.
A password that you will choose to set which will be used, along with a registered email, to log into GLTalk.com and view your account details.